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Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 3

Using a Numberline to Understand The Similarities and Differences When adding a Positive or Negative Number

Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 1

How to Use a Number Line to: a) Describe Positive and Negative Numbers b) Find the Distance a Number is from Zero aka The Absolute Value c) What are opposite numbers d) A number is combined with its opposite number also called its Additive Inverse, the result is zero e) How to and which direction to move from one number to the next (ADDING)

Pre-Algebra - 5.5: Solving Multi-Step Equations and Inequalitites

Solving Equations with Variables on BOTH sides of an Equation, But, can require simplifying One or Both sides of the Equation First. Solving an Inequality is no different that solving a similar Equation EXCEPT when Multiplying OR Dividing BOTH sides by a NEGATIVE

Pre-Algebra - 5.3: Inequalities

What are the FOUR different Inequalities How to Translate an Inequality How to Write an Inequality How to Graph an Inequality