The mission of the Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy (OMI) is to prepare each of its cadets to qualify for, and succeed in, leading colleges and universities. OMI, through a cadet-led experience, instills honor, integrity and leadership.

OMI’s four (4) pillars are ACADEMICS, LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, and COLLEGE READINESS. The goal of OMI is to graduate cadets who are capable of meeting the admissions requirements for any college in the nation and who are prepared for their roles as future leaders. 

  • The demanding ACADEMIC program consists of language arts, math, science and history, as well as world languages, fine arts, leadership, and physical fitness training. OMI seeks and supports cadets who have ambition and are ready to take responsibility for their own learning. OMI offers honors, advanced placement, and college level courses. We also understand that some of  our cadets enter OMI performing below grade level, and we require  these cadets to accelerate learning through after school and summer academic programs. Through hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, all cadets are expected to do whatever it takes to meet OMI’s rigorous academic standards and achieve proficiency on the Common Core State Standards. We partner with parents to communicate about cadet progress and help all cadets succeed to the best of their abilities. Parents have a set of duties to fulfill their role as the primary educators of their cadets.
  • OMI develops LEADERSHIP and promotes a sense of pride and community, as it requires cadets to wear a proper complete uniform each school day. All cadets participate as members of the California Cadet Corps, and are assigned  to  units  within  a  military  chain  of  command   (squads, platoons, companies, and battalions within the Corps of OMI Cadets). Cadets assume increased responsibility through various positions of leadership during their tenure at OMI. Each academic classroom uses military protocols and cadet leadership structures to promote good order and discipline. Cadets also learn and practice military customs and courtesies, and achieve promotions  and  awards for their accomplishments. The military dimension of the school promotes patriotic spirit and respect for the  democratic  ideals of our society.
  • Cadets learn what is expected of them at the  Summer  Entrance Camp prior to their enrollment at OMI, a camp which thoroughly introduces new cadets to the CITIZENSHIP expectations of the school. The disciplinary system, patterned after the military model,  is fair and predictable. All cadets share a common set of duties they are expected to fulfill, as well as a code of honor requiring absolute integrity. Cadets who do not meet our expectations for conduct, integrity, and/or who do not fulfill their duties forfeit their opportunity to remain enrolled as a cadet at OMI.
  • COLLEGE READINESS: OMI is a College Preparatory Academy. Our highest priority is to prepare each of our cadets for post-secondary education. By the time our cadets graduate high school they will have completed a minimum of two college courses through our dual enrollment program. We have added many new and interesting courses to our dual enrollment program to offer cadets a variety of options. It is our goal to continue to enhance the dual enrollment program by continuing our partnership with our local junior colleges and offering courses of high interest to our cadets.

Through the four pillars of academics, leadership, citizenship, and college readiness, OMI prepares cadets for successful admission to college, completion of college, and entry into the adult world as leaders who make our world a better place, do the  right thing, and treat others the way they want to be treated.