Community Service

Cadets at OMI are required to fulfill Community Service Hours each school year.


Middle School Cadets must complete 20 hours.


High School Cadets must complete 40 hours.


Service hours are tracked using a computer system called Noble Hour. Students must log in to this system and track their own hours. The hours are verified and approved by a staff member. During the school year many opportunities for Community Service will be offered by OMI and advertised to the cadets. They are also encouraged to find their own community service opportunities outside of the school in their own communities. On Fridays at the After School program for 6-9th graders, community service projects are done each week and the block is called The Noble Hour.


How to Create an Account in Noble Hour:

Fill in the form and then select RegisterBe sure to register with your OMI email address. Use the postal code 94608 (school postal code)

Select Volunteer for What best describes you?

If prompted to join a Group, select your company.


Join a more groups

  1. Go to Top Left logo (click Noble Hour) go down to Oakland Military Institute and click
  2. Go to top of screen and click groups
  3. Choose groups you should belong to and press join.


How to Log Hours: 


Please log on to and click on Add Hours. 


You can then search for the opportunity name. If the organization/opportunity is NOT in the system you can add it and the contact name and email address.


After you fill out all the information, the system will email your contact to verify the hours. If there is any issue with the contact verifying through our system…I can verify the hours using the form below.  


Fill out and  return this form to Annie Anguiano (C103) or to the front office.  

Questions? (510) 594-3977 or [email protected]


Community Service Website: