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Attendance and Absence Reporting Procedures

Attendance at school is critical to the learning process. OMI's Highly Qualified teachers are dedicated to delivering highly rigorous Direct Interactive Instruction to cadets. Cadets must be present in every class, every day- on time- to  receive educational benefit.

Cadets who are absent must provide a medical or legal note within two ( 2 ) school days of the absence. Cadets who are unexcused absent from a class throughout the day may be subject to disciplinary consequences. Cadets who are unexcused from a portion of the day or an entire day are considered 'Truant' and will be contacted by OMI Attendance Clerk. Cadets who accrue 3 Unexcused absences or more will activate the SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) process (See: SARB).

Long term absences of students is discouraged; however, we understand that emergencies arise. Please contact the attendance clerk as soon as possible if you need assistance with this issue.


OMI Cadets are expected to attend every class on time. Teachers take attendance at the start of each class; cadets who are late will be marked as 'Tardy'. Tardy cadets may receive demerits and/or consequences. Excessive and continual tardiness will be addressed through the discpline process. Cadets may receive demerits and/or consequences which may include assignment of the cadet to a  mandatory after school program.

Please call the Attendance Clerk @(510) 594-3910 with any questions or concerns.