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Math 7 - Module 1A - Lesson 2 - Part 2

How to prove/show if a set of Ordered Pairs are proportional? How to find other/missing elements if you have k, the Constant of Proportion

Pre-Algebra Ch1.2: Variables and Expression

Translate a statement into a variable math expression Evaluate an expression by substituting in for the variables

Math 7 - Module 1A - Lesson 2

How to check if ratios are proportional to each other by checking for the Constant of Proportionality, k. Find and use k. y = kx or k = y/x

Pre-Algebra Chapter 1-1

Lesson 1-1 A Review of Skills 1) Translating Statements into Math Expressions 2) Order of Operations (GEMDAS)

Math 7 - Module 1A - Lesson 1 - Ratios

Lesson 1 Ratios - What is a Ratio? How to write and simplify a Ratio? Compare Ratios?