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Pre-Algebra 6.5 Solving Proportions

Finding Equivalent Ratios or Using the Cross-Product to Solve Proportions

Pre-Algebra 6.4 Graphing Proportions

Using a Graph to verify if the relationship is a proportion or not Review of how to verify a proportion by finding k, the constant of proportionality

Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 8.5

Adding and Subtracting (adding the opposite) Rational Numbers on a Numberline and By Using the Commutative and Associative Properties

Pre-Algebra 6.4 Day 2 - Show Proportional Relationships by Graphing and Worked Problems

Show if a relationship is Proportional or Non-Proportional by Graphing

Pre-Algebra - 6.4 Recognizing Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships

How to tell if data is Proportional or Not (Non-Proportional)? What is the Constant of Proportionality, k? How would you use k to find a value that is proportional to a given rate?

Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 8

Applying the Properties of Addition and Subtraction to Rational Numbers How to write a "Math Proof" aka Math "Essay" - Justifying your steps