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You can find almost all of the course materials for your math class in CANVAS.
I will post the videos of the lessons here in case you were not in class or would like to see the lesson again.


Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 6

Using the (1-Dimensional) Distance Formula to find the distance between two-points horizontally or two-points vertically on a numberline more practice with changing subtraction to "adding the additive inverse"

Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 5

How is Subtracting related to Addition? What is the difference in showing Subtraction on a Number Line Vs. Addition on a Number Line?

Pre-Algebra - 6.2 Unit rates

Writing a Ratio as a Unit Rate Comparing Unit Rates to See which is the better value Using the Unit Rate to Compute new value

Math 7 - Module 2A - Lesson 4 Day 1

Use a Numberline and Vectors to Understand Adding Integers Adding with the Same Signs Positive + Positive Negative + Negative Adding with Different Signs Is the Sum Positive or Negative?