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You can find almost all of the course materials for your math class in Google Classroom.


Pre-Algebra - 5.2 Worked Out HW problems and Practice Test Questions

Step by Step Process and Explanation on Writing an Equation with Variables on Both Sides And Solve the Equation

Pre-Algebra - 5.1 Homework Problems Worked Out

Walk-Through for the Homework Problems Follow the steps and Check your work

Pre-Algebra - 5.2 Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Isolated the Variable. When there is a Variable on BOTH sides on an Equation, You just need to make a choice of an INVERSE OPERATION to clear out a term AND Keep your work BALANCED on both sides of the equation

Math 7 - Module 1D - Lesson 21 part 1

Given a Scale Drawing and the Scale Factor Find the Original Measurements Make a New Scale Drawing with a Different Scale Factor Find the Scale Factor BETWEEN the two Scaled Diagrams

Pre-Algebra - 5.1 Perimeter and Area

Setup and Solve Variable Equations relating to: The Perimeter of Triangles and Rectangles The Area of Triangles and Rectangles Know how to Identify the Height of a Triangle Be able to solve/isolate any variable in a formula using Inverse Operations

Math 7 - Module 1D - Lesson 20

How to make a Scale Drawing. Measure and Record all sides. Calculate new proportional corresponding sides using the Scale Factor Calculate Scale Drawing Area using the Area Factor

Math 7 - Module 1D - Lesson 19 - Problem Set

Check your answers and work as you follow along the video where the problems from the problem set are worked out. If you still don't understand, bring it up and have questions next class or during Academic Support.

Math 7 - Module 1D - Lesson 19 - the Rest of the Lesson

These are the exercises in the Notes Packet (not an assignment but part of the notes) you were supposed to do and try on your own. It's for you to check to see if you can succeed on your own. Watch the video to check your own work.

Math 7 - Module 1D - Lesson 19

What is the Area Factor, AF? How does the Scale Factor, SF relate to the Area Factor? Given the Area Factor, find the Scale Factor. Given the Scale Factor, find the Area Factor. Use the Area Factor to find the Area of a Polygon if given the Area of another proportional Polygon. Old Measurement X Scale Factor = New Measurement Old Area X Area Factor = New Area