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Parent Cadet Alliance (PCA)

The Oakland Military Institute Parent Cadet Alliance (PCA) is a school-wide Committee that serves the entire body of Students, Parents, Military Staff, and Administration.  Like "PTAs" at other schools, the PCA promotes activities that enhance the enjoyment and well-being at OMI in a way that builds community throughout the school. We meet once a month on a Tuesday from 5:15pm-6:30PM unless otherwise noted. Join us!
  • Organize fundraising opportunities to invest back into the students
  • Establish communication with parents about school events and activities 
  • Provide a network for parents to participate in the OMI community, share information and support one another  
  • Improve, strengthen and support the environment of OMI
  • Provide an environment where parents have a voice 

The PCA invites and welcomes all Parents and Guardians of OMI cadets.  We value and respect input from a wide spectrum of viewpoints. The PCA works on creating a welcoming and vibrant school community.

By attending PCA meetings, you will get insight regarding school activities and networking with other parents.  If you have questions regarding school norms, policies, discipline, and education the PCA will do its best to answer or direct you to someone that can. 

Studies show that students with parents who are involved in their child’s education/school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance and are more likely to complete high school.  Positive effects of parental involvement have been demonstrated at both the elementary and secondary levels across several studies. A recent meta-analysis showed that parental involvement in school life was more strongly associated with high academic performance for middle and high school students than helping with homework.


PCA also has the honor of assisting cadets that have demonstrated academic excellence with College Scholarships to our seniors for the past two years.  All of which the PCA could not have done with the help and support of all our amazing parents!


PCA is committed to acknowledging our amazing parents that do complete hours of service to OMI incentives as a show of appreciation.    
The Parent Cadet Alliance is raising money to provide Teacher/Staff Appreciation events and College Scholarships for our Seniors! Please join these two fundraising campaigns!  These fundraisers don't cost you anything - we earn money for items you are already purchasing!
2019-2020 Leadership
President: Laurie Lacey
Vice President: Amanda Brokaw
Secretary: Lidia Jauragui

Treasurer: Leslie Yoshida


Company Parents

Alpha: Lizbeth Manzanero

Bravo: April Wright

Charlie: Milagros Sausa

Delta: Laura Sayavedra



Parent Engagement Officer

Annie Anguiano (510) 594-3977

[email protected]



 Next Meeting: Tuesday December 3  5:15pm


  1. 1. President: Open Meeting (start streaming and conference call)
  2. Major Sanchez update on OMI
  3. Treasurer: financial update and overview of fundraising that is in process
  4. Company Updates: Each company rep gives update
  5. President Announcements
  6. Holiday Luncheon
  7. Pasta Feed-Mar 14th
  8. Supporting our military over the holidays, cards, encouragement boxes etc…


Close meeting