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Mission of OMI Athletics

Athletics is an integral part of the total educational experience at OMI.  Interscholastic and intramural athletic participation promotes character traits of high value to personal development and success in later life. These include the drive to take one’s talents to the highest level of performance; embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards; learning to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal; and adhering to codes of fairness and respect. Athletics also plays an important role in creating a sense of community and camaraderie at OMI.  Overall, the mission of athletics at OMI is to enhance the high school experience in preparation for life in college and beyond.  


Vision for OMI Athletics

Oakland Military Institute values athletics participation as a tremendous opportunity for students that involves tremendous responsibility.  OMI student-athletes are ambassadors of our school community every time they take part in a competition.  Representing the school involves maintaining academic eligibility, high standards of citizenship at all times, sportsmanship, and playing the game to the best of one’s ability. Athletics is a privilege provided by the school and may be revoked when the student fails or refuses to comply with the rules. Respect for and compliance with the school’s Student-Athlete Code of Conduct is expected of every student who participates.

Varsity Sports:

Volleyball (Girls - Fall; Boys - Spring)

Track (Boys/Girls - Spring)

Cross Country (Boys/Girls - Fall)

Soccer (Boys - Fall; Girls - Spring)

Basketball (Boys/Girls - Winter)

Club Sports:

Wrestling (year-round)

Flag Football (spring) - 2024 Schedule/Results (weebly.com)

MS Soccer (year-round) - see attachment below

MS Basketball (winter)

Academic Eligibility: In accordance with the CIF, student-athletes must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Current enrollment in five classes for a minimum of 25 units.
  • Passing grades in all currently enrolled coursework.
  • GPA of 2.0 in the previous grading period. Should the student-athlete fall below a 2.0, a probationary period may be applied for at the discretion of the coach and administration.
  • Transfer students must meet all eligibility guidelines.
  • Must attend class in order to participate in practice and games. Students who are absent from school for “unexcused reasons” are not eligible to participate in athletics for that day.
  • Students who are excused early for a game are responsible for missed work and should use tutorials to make up work; making up work after school is not an excuse to miss practice, but if this becomes necessary the student must communicate with their coach prior to missing practice. 
Physical Eligibility: Parents and/or Guardians must have signed permission slip for student athlete to participate in practices and games.  Medical Insurance information must be provided to ensure coaches can help student athletes connect with healthcare professionals in the case of emergency, and medical liability is waived on behalf of the student/parent/guardian.  A sports physical conducted by primary care doctor is required prior to the season student is competing in and is good for one year.