Assessment Overview

OMI's core value of every cadet can learn just not in the same way or the same day means we must meet every cadet where they are academically.  One of the many components we must know early on is their reading and mathematics skill levels. We gather this data through tests three times yearly, within the first month of school, in January and a final assessment in April.
This data is essential for planning effective instruction and demonstrating growth over time.  The results of these tests will be used by teachers to set academic goals with cadets to increase their college and career readiness. Score reports will be sent home to every students' house for parents and guardians.  These RenStar assessments provide great insight and help cadets become self-aware of their academic skills and abilities. 
Ask your cadet about their scores and the goals that they have set with their teachers.  OMI will be conducting an all-school RenStar assessment at the start of each semester. Stay tuned for more information via OMI's Loop communication system. 
RenStar Assessments are a proven system to provide accurate information on a student's reading and mathematics level in a format that is understandable to all, a grade level and month within the sequence of that grade level's skills set.  It's an adaptive test, which means it adjusts the level of difficulty of questions based on the previous question's answer.  If a child gets it wrong, it presents a less challenging one, then if they get it right levels back up to an appropriately challenging question.  If a child is getting questions correct, it will continue to level up to challenge their skills to evaluate their grade level ability. 
This page will continue to grow and provide more information on the various other local, statewide, and AP assessments.
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