Cadet Activities Director | Teacher on Special Assignment

Greetings OMI Families, 
The Bay Area and California are instituting comprehensive measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although we are not physically at school, we are still here for you and your families. I am hosting virtual classes and you can find the information via Google Classroom. The situation is rapidly evolving and I encourage all of you to stay informed with trusted and verified sources. I always ask that you practice a bit of kindness in my class, please hear my voice during these times. You never know how your small act of kindness can impact others. I miss y'all and look forward to seeing y'all.
Warm regards,
Mr. Lee 

Mr. Lee's journey to LT. Lee

I went to the Basic Commandant's Training Academy at Camp San Luis Obispo in January of 2020 to better understand what our student cadets experience and what is expected from them. It was a long week living in the barracks, eating at the DFAC, and wearing our cadets' favorite Class C uniform. While the experience was intense, I grained a better appreciation of what the California Cadet Corps (CACC) is all about and how it is set up to develop the leaders of tomorrow. The CACC is a leadership lab that provides our cadets with the opportunities to develop their applied leadership skills. My time at BCTA was informative and one of the best parts about the experience was building networking with fellow commandants of the CACC that will allow us to better support our student cadets. 


I was born and raised here in the Bay Area. After high school, I moved down to Los Angeles to attend college and graduate school at Occidental College. My time in LA was spent exploring all the diverse geographical, cultural and artistic landscapes of the sprawling metropolis. After living in LA for close to a decade, I grew tired of the transient nature of the community. My time in LA helped me realize what a beautiful and vibrant place the Bay Area is, and so I moved back in the late aughts.
The arts have called out to me ever since I can remember. Relatives often tell stories about how I excitedly danced in my crib and baby seat long before I could walk. In the visual arts, my passions lie in design work. Along with the visual arts, I was heavily involved with the performing arts. I was lucky enough to watch Cirque du Soleil during their very first visit to the US and was instantly enchanted. Throughout high school, and up until a few years ago, I was deeply involved in the local theatre and circus scenes. I am a classically trained dancer, acrobat, and aerialist. OMI has become family to me and I am very excited to be here to share my love for all the arts with our cadets.