College & Career Overview

It is our mission that ALL cadets graduate from OMI ready for college, careers, and life, prepared to pursue the future of their choosing. 
Things you should know:
1. It's not too early to start thinking about your career. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you can make a plan to reach your goals. Learn how to find careers that match your interests, values, and skills. 
2. Do well in your "a-g" courses so you're eligible to go to a CSU or UC.
3. Learn about the different types of colleges and decide which is best for you.
4. Find out how financial aid can help make college affordable for you and your family.
5. The college application process starts before you are senior. Take steps throughout high school to make sure you are prepared. Follow this handy checklist to stay on track. 

Read below for a clear guide on how to become college ready from California State University!

Due to COVID-19 many colleges will not be offering in-person classes this fall, and tuition prices will likely be the same for online remote instruction. 


An alternative is to attend a local Community College possibly for FREE, while completing your first two-years of transferable undergraduate college credits.


Registration is currently open for Summer and Fall 2022.


115 California Community College Campuses

  • Find a college near you

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

  • EOPS provides EXTRA academic and financial support


California College Promise Grant

  • Possible FREE Tuition!!!


Dormitory Housing

  • About $5k/semester including room and food; currently at 11 other campuses


Learn About Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

  • UC Berkeley Air Force, Army and Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) are open to Cross-Town College Affiliates including Berkeley City College. Acceptance to ROTC includes UC Berkeley ID Card, uniforms, training, classes, possible scholarships to attend four-year colleges, and career opportunities.
  • OMI Alumni Albert Huang is a Senior Officer at the UCB ROTC and OMI Alumni Cadet/Captain Dylan Gong (2019) is  currently attending Berkeley City College, while participating in the UC Berkeley Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).
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