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Data Confirmation Instructions

*You must have have a Parent Portal Account in order to complete the Intent to Return. 

CLICK HERE if you would like instructions to setup a parent portal account.*


If you have an Aeries Parent Portal Account please continue with the steps below.

Step 1: Log into the Parent Portal (link: https://oaklandmilitaryicp.asp.aeries.net/student)

Step 2: Look for the message in yellow font.

  • Select Click HERE to confirm the information about your student

Step 3: Select Family Information

  • Complete the Survey
  • Select Confirm and Continue 
Step 4: Income
  • Select Household Size
  • Select Household Income
  • Select Confirm and Continue

Step 5: Select Student

  • Review this information
  • Select CHANGE to correct the errors
  • Select "Save" to save the change you made. The change won't be visible immediately.

Step 6: Select Contacts

  • Review the contacts listed. 
  • Click Add to add a new contact. 
  • Add the Contact Information. Press Save.
  • Add all contacts, then Select Confirm and Continue 

Step 7: Select Medical History

  • Select all additional medical conditions that apply to the student.
  • Select Save
  • Select Confirm and Continue.

Step 8: Select Authorizations

  • Read the PDF Attachments
  • Choose the authorization status that best fits
  • Select Save
  • Select Confirm and Continue.

Step 8: Select Final Data Confirmation

  • Confirm all the data in the previous tabs is correct
  • Read the information within the confirmation box forfurther instructions
  • Select Finish and Submit

** Multiple Student Families

  • Select Change Student
  • Choose the next student to register
  • Complete steps 2-8 for each additional student