SFC Jason Schilling » TAC NCO


Working with today’s youth is undeniably the best service I have ever given to our country. It is my personal mission to assist every student in striving for their very best in everything they do. Through the diverse Leaders Of Character Curriculum (LOC), paired with the structure of the military component, our team will foster both educated and positive contributing members of society. To the general public an army uniform represents many things, at OMI, it solely means we care more.
 I believe I have many experiences, both professional and personal, which posture me as a catalyst for change. My bachelors’ program is in business management. I have been a top-achieving soldier throughout my career in 5 military occupational specialties. On the federal side of duty, I have served as a Military Police Instructor for many years now. My personal life has blessed me with a toolbox of experiences to impact youth as well.
As a child, I grew up in rough neighborhoods, lived in over 12 states, and experienced the varied cultures of the United States from the west coast to the east coast, and all the way back again. I believe what one does in their spare time says a lot about who they are. I will elaborate a little about mine.  In my free time, I enjoy playing the drums as a member of multi-genre music groups. During the summer I’m most likely found hiking, ATV off-roading in the Ocean Dunes, or my favorite place standing tall behind a BBQ Grill. When the powder falls in Lake Tahoe, I spend every waking minute snowboarding with family and friends. Now to my closing thoughts.
I am entrusted with great responsibility. I will give our students the 110 percent effort each and every one of them deserves. I will be loyal to my team, OMI, and the standards set forth by the California Cadet Corps. I am a member of Delta Company, your students, “Family Away From Home.” I will execute my duties with compassion and empathy at all times. However, I will mentor, teach, and counsel in a manner which continually challenges each student in my care to raise their standards. I am humbled and grateful for such an inspirational opportunity - “To change the future, one child at a time.”
SSG Schilling, Jason