Mr. Douglas Jones » Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Welcome! I have the opportunity to teach and oversee the success of our OMI students taking free college courses, that expounds on the ideologies of Communications, Sociology, English, PreCalculs, Statistics, and Jazz, Blues, and American Pop Music. Below is the course descriptions. If you are interested in taking any Dual or Concurrent Enrollment courses please don't hesitate to reach out. Email:


Course Description

My course Jazz, Blues, and Popular Music in the American Culture is an analytical examination of American social and cultural history through the study of popular music, its structure and composition, and the industry that promotes it.  A full, in-depth understanding of American popular (“pop”) music throughout the country’s history includes more than knowledge of a song’s lyrics, melodic lines, and the musicians who perform them.  It provides a window into the social, cultural, and sometimes political landscapes in which they were conceptualized.  It also tells the story of an era’s emerging technologies and how innovation transforms industries, production, business, and lifestyles.  Today, we have influencers on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms far from the traditional corporate music business world, yet reaching millions of consumers as effectively as – if not more than –companies such as Columbia, Decca, or Capitol Records.  Are they on the “periphery” cultivating niche trends as with independent labels before exploding into the mainstream?  And in a world of instant information and the invasion of content creation, how much excellence of practice is sacrificed, if any?  In effect, America’s history can be told through roughly three minutes of sound patterns, enticing sonic games, riffs and cadences, and polyphony and appoggiaturas, all of which captivate our emotions, influence our moods, or transports our minds (and thus can have an effect on our bodies) in ways no other medium can.  


Through this course, students will better understand how music has influenced the masses and thus proven its powerful social and cultural significance.  This partly includes furthering their understanding of basic music theory and composition through much enjoyment of pop song listening, song analysis, and discovery of what elements makes a song “good” and thus becoming more critical consumers of pop music.  As music scholar Jeremy Begbie adeptly observes, if we adopt uncritically only one particular way of considering music, not only will our vision of the possibilities of music tend to be narrow, but very likely we will not be able to do justice to the diversity of experiences and actions that music involves. 


My Learning Philosophy and About Me: The goal is to dive deep into something we already ENJOY.  And this class is your learning community, in which we all belong and actively participate through problem-solving, critical thinking and reflective thinking.  Excellence is inspirational and I strive to lead by example.  Regardless of your personal motivation for enrolling in this course or what your long-term vision is for your life trajectory, I hope that it helps you become a better person, better your community, and stoke your creativity.  When brainstorming ideas and getting creative with your assignments: failure is an option, failure to deliver is not.