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OMI Alumni Association

OMI Alumni

The Oakland Military Institute is very pleased to welcome graduates back to the OMI campus for such purposes as to share their successes, meet with staff, be of service to the school community, work in a variety of potential paid roles, and receive support services. At the start of the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year, OMI has employed 22 of its former cadets. This has been the first time in OMI History in which alumni were represented from every graduating class. To those ends, we must also add the need to ensure that the educational climate of campus is not disrupted by alumni who come to campus to "hang out" without a specific purpose. When alumni enter the campus, they must check in with the main office and indicate the staff member with whom they have a scheduled meeting. The main office will contact that individual and issue a visitors pass with the name of the person they are visiting. That adult staff member is responsible for coming to the office to pick up the alum and for being with the alum while the alum is on campus, unless that alum is performing paid work under the supervision of an OMI staffer. If an alum comes to campus without an appointment, the main office will attempt to contact Mr. Randle to see if he is available to meet the alum and welcome them to campus and assume responsibility for that alum's presence on campus. Should he nor any other alum be available, the alum will be told no one is available to escort them and they will not be able to enter campus. That alum's contact information (phone and email) will be taken down by the main office and emailed to Mr. Randle for a follow up conversation.


If you are interested in joining the OMI Alumni Association, click here to fill out the Membership Application Form.


If you need ANYTHING,  please do not hesitate to email Saeed Randle at srandle@omiacademy.org 

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