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Library Announcements


Library Vision Statement:

The Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy (OMI) Library strives to provide a welcoming, engaging and flexible exploration and learning space for cadets and teachers, where they can access information through multiple types of media and information sources.    

Library Mission Statement:

The OMI Library endeavors to assist OMI in making sure every OMI cadet is college and/or career ready using Common Core standards to ensure their ability to read and understand various types of text confidently and successfully, having the ability to assess high quality, fact-based information for academic, professional and personal inquiry.

New Arrivals

We need your ongoing help!! 

We want to get a list of books people would like to have in the library for checkout and research. Submit your suggestions to the library staff.  Try to submit requests in writing.  Thank you.
Let's grow our library!

 Library Staff:
Library Specialist, Dori McGee-Lundy.  I came to OMI in 2013 as a volunteer.  I guess the staff liked me because they hired me and I am still here.  My experience is that of a Library Technician with a BA in English from Dominican University of California, and a certificate in Library Studies from Diablo Valley College.  I have worked in both public and school libraries.  I also taught Job Search Preparation for three years at a non-profit.

OMI's Regular Volunteer, Ms. Cathy Francioch.  Ms. Francioch has been volunteering in the library at OMI since 2012.  She is here on Tuesday and Thursday. We appreciate and are glad to have whatever time Ms. Francioch has to help us.  Thank you, Cathy.

Please make note that the library hours have changed.  I am now full-time and the library is now open during the entire school day!!!

Please note the library phone number has changed as well.  It is now 510-594-3965.

The library is a place you can study, research projects and discuss various subjects with classmates and friends.  Quiet is a necessary element to make this study area successful.  When you are working in a group, please keep your voices as quiet as possible to respect others' right to concentrate and study with focus.

Food and drink Only Permitted Afterschool!!  Snacks, not meals, are permitted; also, drinks with lids.  During the rest of the school day, food and drink are NOT permitted.  Please help us keep the library a clean and attractive place.


Volunteer Opportunities for Parents to help their cadets with Community Service Hours:

All help is greatly appreciated.  Both parent and upper grade student help will be greatly appreciated.  During our OMI Annual Book Fair help is needed most.  Please consider the library for those community service hours. For more information, please contact Dori McGee-Lundy at 510-594-3965.


We Accept Donations

The library accepts any donations students and/or parents would like to give. We are in need of cleaning supplies, pencils, pens, paper, and books!  Non-fiction books are especially needed. Also, remember all donations will be used at the discretion of the library staff.  Please support and help grow your school's library.