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Cadet Services » Dual & Concurrent Enrollment

Dual & Concurrent Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?


Dual Enrollment allows cadets who are still in high school to take college-level courses and accelerate their educational achievement. Dual enrolled students earn credit towards high school graduation, while at the same time earning college credits (3 Peralta Units = 10 OUSD Credits). Most Dual Enrollment courses are conveniently offered on the high school campus (unless otherwise noted). Registration fees, tuition and lab fees are waived for Dual Enrollment students. All services available to regular college students, such as the use of the Library and Tutoring Center are also available to dual enrolled students. Textbooks are purchased by the participating public high schools. Dual Enrollment is an accelerated path to and through college, saving time and money. Dual Enrollment expands Career Tech Education Pathways at high schools or provides more college readiness courses that are often transferable to four-year colleges. Cadets who complete even a single college class are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, persist in college, and complete an Associate’s degree or higher. For more information, please contact Mario Brown at mbrown@omiacademy.org 



  • Courses offered are transferable to UC and CSU
  • The program is FREE to all high school cadets
  • Cadets earn dual high school and college credits (3 Peralta Units = 10 OUSD Units)
  • OMI Cadets must obtain counselor and administrative approval before enrollment can occur
  • Dual Enrollment courses cannot replace existing high school courses
  • The courses will count as elective credits and will be entered on the student’s transcript at the end of the semester
  • The course will not appear on student report cards
  • DE grades will receive a “bump up” in GPA
  • COMM 6:  INTERCULTURAL COMM (4th & 6th periods)
    *When cadets successfully pass COMM 20 in the Fall, they will then move on to COMM 6 in the Spring*


Dual Enrollment Authorization Form

This form must be filled out and signed by the cadet, parent, or guardian, an OMI Counselor, and the HS Principal.


Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a program in which OMI 9th – 12th-grade students can take Peralta Community College course(s) offered on the community college campus and instructed by Peralta Community College instructors. This program is great for OMI students interested in taking college-level academic or elective courses. Essential information:

  • Tuition is free, but students must pay some fees and textbook costs
  • Students earn dual high school and college credits (3 Peralta Units = 10 OUSD Units)
  • Students must obtain counselor and administrative approval before enrollment occurs
  • Course credit will be entered on the cadet's transcript after the transcript arrives to the Registrar from the Community College
  • Students will receive a “bump up” in GPA for the concurrent coursework


Note: Students interested in OMI’s Dual/Concurrent enrollment program must speak with their grade counselor about their decision prior to getting the final signatures for registration from Ms. Linda Williams and Ms. Katherine DeVinna.

Grade Counselor:

9TH grade: Ms. Linda Williams (Cadet Services)

10th grade: Dr. Smith (Counseling Office)

11-12th grade: Mr. Smith (Cadet Services)

11-12th grade:  Ms. LaShay (Cadet Services)

*All students who become enrolled in courses that take place off campus, must provide Mr. Brown with the schedule, so that students can check off campus during scheduled days. Students must also email Mr.Brown and provide student passport and password login information.
“Success doesn’t necessarily depend on where you come from, or what skills you are born with, it depends on your passion and your commitment to be the best version of yourself.”
-Johnna Grell
Useful Links:
Majors and Programs 



Access Accounts:


Important Signatures:



-Counselor/Registar Linda Williams

-Principal Katherine DeVinna


Who to Contact: 

Mr. Long (On campus Dual Enrollment located in P23)
Mr.Brown (Off campus Concurrent Enrollment located in Cadet Services)