Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy

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Regimental Head Quarters Mission Statement

Our goal for ourselves for this 2018-19 School Year are:

1) To have good moral character and self-discipline to strive and achieve our goals

2) To be academically prepared to do work in class and as well as our job in leadership

3) To uphold the OMI Creed, 15 Duties of an OMI Cadet and the Cadet Code of Honor


Regimental Commander: C/MAJ Jorge Rosas

My personal mission statement:


As the Regimental/Brigade Commander of the 2018-2019 school year, my mission is for every cadet within the school to understand one thing: That they are not just students, but cadets, individuals who have the potential to be leaders. To give unto all cadets the resources that they need in order to make them feel included, accepted, and encouraged to continue developing their skills to be successful in their future endeavors