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Dances & Prom

Cadets must be in good citizenship standing in order to participate in activities. Permission to participate will be determined by an administrator or the Student Activities Officer.
The following rules apply to cadet participation in dances:
1. Cadets must arrive not later than 30 minutes after the scheduled start of a dance. Cadets will not be admitted after that time unless cleared by the CAB Coordinator or an Administrator. 
2. Cadets may not leave the dance earlier than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the dance.
3. Cadets must have school identification to be admitted to the dance. Guests must have school or government issued an identification card.
4. When non-OMI guests are permitted at a dance, cadets must obtain a guest pass prior to the dance and have an administrator at the cadet’s school approve that guest’s participation in the OMI dance.
5. No cadet guests over age 18 are permitted at OMI social events without prior permission from the Dean of Students.
6. Dancing at social events must not be inappropriate in nature. The administration of OMI or their designee will be the final determinant as to whether dancing is lewd or sexually explicit.
7. OMI dances off campus require a cadet permission slip.
8. Alcohol, tobacco, and other items generally prohibited on campus are expressly forbidden at dances, even if a guest is over age 18.
9. Cadets may not go “in and out” of the dance. Once they have entered, they may not exit the facility until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the dance.
10. Specific rules for prom may be published under separate cover.
11. Only music with “clean lyrics” shall be played.
12. Cadet attire at dances must not be provocative or inappropriate. The following guidelines will apply:
If a cadet chooses to wear a uniform to the dance, the complete uniform must be worn as designed and described in the Standards for Uniforms and Appearance in the OMI Student Handbook 
· No gang-affiliated clothing is to be worn
· No clothing with offensive language or design is to be worn
· No sexually provocative or revealing clothing is to be worn
· No undergarments will be worn as outerwear and/or will be visible
No clothing deemed inappropriate by school administrators and or their designee will be authorized. Any cadet who violates these parameters or is deemed to be dressed inappropriately will be sent home immediately.