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  Welcome to Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy! I am Lieutenant Colonel Ken Koop, the school Commandant. I was privileged to join the OMI Academy team in 2015. I am Oakland-born and grew up in Richmond, California. I started my Army career at Oakland Army Base so that I could work my way through college at UC Davis. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis and a Master’s in Business from the University of Southern California—both made possible by tuition assistance from the Army.

  After college I spent three years on active duty then came home to the Bay Area and joined the National Guard, where I have served most of my 30 years in uniform. I am a professional Soldier with service in challenging assignments all over the world—humanitarian assistance in the Caribbean, peacekeeping in Southern Europe, combat in Afghanistan, and military diplomacy in Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

  Although I follow all the Army values, I am passionate about five values that lead to success in any endeavor: DISCIPLINE, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, LOYALTY, and FAMILY. DISCIPLINE: Cadets must have self-discipline to successfully tackle the challenges of college and careers on their own after high school. I expect cadets to show me that discipline in their uniforms, their conduct, and their unyielding quest for academic excellence.

INTEGRITY: Cadets will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. Oakland Military Institute has no room for those who lack integrity.

RESPONSIBILITY: OMI trains future Leaders. Seeking and accepting responsibility is what Leadership is all about, and OMI offers many opportunities through the California Cadet Corps.

LOYALTY: Our teachers and staff are committed to the success of every single one of our cadets. All we ask in return is that the cadets give OMI Academy and the California Cadet Corps the same commitment. Many of our alumni have even returned to work at the school, demonstrating the deep bond between the cadets and the Academy.

FAMILY: OMI is a Family – not of blood and kinship, but of shared values and aspirations. We look out for each other – staff and cadets, military and teachers, administrators – to inspire all of our OMI cadets to achieve college and career success and to grow into future Leaders of Oakland, of California, and of the great United States.