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Earning both a B.A. in English and a Teaching Credential from San Jose State University, Mr. Eduardo Martinez began his teaching career at Oakland Military Institute in 2021, determined to ensure all students are well-prepared for the lives that they will live once their high school days are behind them, as well as give them the tools necessary for achieving success in their school careers. Helping students become independent critical thinkers is a primary goal of his, and he never considers for a second that his students are capable of anything less than success. 

Course Descriptions:
English 9:
English will introduce students to stories based on the theme “Coming of Age”. They will read a variety of texts in class such as Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee,  and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Cadets will also be assigned in-class activities and group work.  Additionally, they will be given writing assignments such as Short Stories, Argumentative Essays, and a research paper.
Cadets will have an understanding of story structure, character development, and the value of voice. Additionally, they will achieve mastery of analysis and composition skills as determined by the California State standards.  
Cadets are expected to complete all assignments. Late work will be accepted  up to two weeks after the original due date for partial credit. If cadets need additional time for an assignment, they must speak to the teacher in advance to make the proper arrangements. 
Read 180:
Introduced to Oakland Military Academy in Fall 2022, Read 180 is the premiere English Enrichment course, utilizing adaptive technology and mixed-media experiences for students, in the effort to help bridge the gaps that my have been created during a student's time away from school during distance learning.
While taking part in the program, students will utilize technology and paper to practice, enhance, and ultimately prove their writing talents, through use of the Read180 Digital App, allowing students to complete self-guided work that helps them achieve mastery of the English language, provide students with a sizable physical and digital library of works that assist in student fluency, and allows for small group, hands-on practice with many concepts of English that may be hard to master without a guiding hand, which Mr. Martinez is more than happy to provide!