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Flex Period Policy

What is Flex Period? 

The definition and use of a flex period varies across schools and districts. OMI’s flex period involves the following: Between regularly scheduled courses, students are assigned to a flex classroom to review material or work independently. Flex can also be used for attending school-wide events. If a student needs help from a teacher in another part of the building, he or she can get a pass and visit the teacher during flex time, only if that teacher has the same flex period as that student. 

All grade levels at OMI will have Flex periods the following periods for the 2019-2020 school year

  • 12th grade 1st period 8:24-9:48
  • 11th grade 5th period 12:20-1:44
  • 10th grade 3rd period 10:07-11:31
  • 9th grade 4th period 10:07-11:31

All Flex period run 84 minutes

Flex Period Philosophy 

Flex time allows for    a system of intervention and enrichment for all students during the school day. Flex period will be held for 84 minutes. All students may take advantage of this time to return to their teacher to make up assignments that are missing, or retake quizzes or tests.

Other opportunities for acceleration may also be available for students who are caught up and want to Excel in their learning.

Flex Restriction 

Students will be on flex restriction if they have an I, NC, or F on their three-week progress report. That means they will be required to attend one of the classes where they have an I, NC, or F during their flex period so they can receive instruction to improve their learning and eventually their grade. Students will be on flex restriction until their grades are cleared. Students on flex restriction who do not use flex time to return to the appropriate classes will be identified and their parents will be notified and they will lose their flex period.

Where are students allowed to go during flex? 

During the 2019-2020 school year students are allowed to be in the following places. One of their grade level specific teachers, the College and career center only with an appointment, the wellness center if requested by staff, or Ms. Webb’s office if requested. Wherever a student moves to during flex period they need a pass in their planner.

Flex Responsibilities 

  • Students are responsible and required to attend Flex period
  • If a student needs to go to another classroom during their flex period, they are required to get a pass from their Flex period teacher.
  • If students cannot adhere to flex requirements they will be removed from flex and placed into an elective that has available space, which may not be an elective of choice.