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Library Announcements

OMI's Scholastic Book Fair Spring 2016

Fair Dates: 04/14/2016 to 04/21/2016


VOLUNTEERS are needed!  It is a great way to earn parent hours!!!

The book fair earnings provide resources for new library books and library equipment without impacting the school's budget.  HELP US GROW OUR LIBRARY!!

We still need your ongoing help!! 

We want to get a list of books people would like to have in the library for checkout and research. Submit your suggestions to the library staff.  Try to submit requests in writing.  Thank you.
Help us grow our library!

 Library Specialist: Dori McGee-Lundy

REMEMBER:  Please make sure you put your name in your textbooks; then, check from time to time to make sure you have the book you checked out.  Just because you turn in a book does not mean your account with the library is clear.  It has to be the book you checked out to clear your account.  Making note of the barcode and writing it in your planner is another way to make sure you have the book you checked out and not another student's book.

OMI's Regular Volunteer

Ms. Cathy Francioch is volunteering in the library on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless her retirement gets in the way (LOL).  Anyway, we appreciate and are glad to have whatever time she has to help us.  Thank you, Cathy.

Please make note that the library hours have changed.  I am now full-time and the library is now open during the entire school day!!!

Please note the library phone number has changed as well.  It is now 510-594-3965.

Although the hours and phone number have changed a bit, a number of other things have not:
  The library is a place you can study, research projects and discuss various subjects with classmates and friends.  Quiet is a necessary element to make this study area successful.  Even if you are working in a group, please keep your voices as quiet as possible to respect others' right to concentrate and study with focus.

Food and drink are not permitted at all!!  Eating and drinking in the library will result in a 5-demerit offense.  There is also no running in the library, and removal of head covers upon entry is expected.

One of the library doors, will evenually have an alarm.  So, a habit is not formed, the door is not to be used, and can also incur demerits up to 5.













Volunteer Opportunities for Parents

All help is greatly appreciated.  Another Book Fair is coming soon.  Both parent and upper grade student help will be greatly appreciated.  For more information, please contact Dori McGee-Lundy at 510-594-3965.












We Accept Donations

The library accepts any donations students and/or parents would like to give. We are in need of cleaning supplies, pencils, pens, paper, and books!  Non-fiction books are especially needed. Also, remember all donations will be used at the discretion of the library staff.  Please support and help grow your school's library.