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Learn About the Cadet Corps

The California Cadet Corps (CACC)


Brigadier General Edwin Alexander Forbes founded the California Cadet Corps (CACC), on April 5, 1911. The CACC is the oldest youth leadership development of its kind in the United States. Currently, more than 100 schools across California and 10,000 cadets participate in this program. OMI uses the CACC Curriculum and regulations as a part of its day-to-day operations. All of the cadets at OMI, are members of the CACC. The Cadet Corps Headquarters conducts the Annual General Inspections once a year. Cadets are expected to actively participate in the inspections. In addition, cadets are encouraged to participate in cadet activities such as drill competitions, bivouacs (camping trips) leadership schools, Individual Major Awards (IMAs) and rifle matches. OMI has a proud tradition of excellence in the CACC Competitions as evidenced by the growing number of trophies, plaques, and awards located in the military building. OMI has been designated as the 17th Training Regiment and apart of the 4th Brigade, which comprises of all Youth Programs of the California National Guard and the greater Northern California area.


4th Brigade Staff


The following cadets are members of the 4th Brigade Staff:


Last Name First Name Grade Rank Position 
Magaña Frankie 12 C/CPT 4th BDE CDR
Liddle Gerald 12 C/CPT 4th  BDE XO
Paz III José 11 C/CSM 4th BDE CSM
Kong Vicky 11 C/SSG 4th BDE S-1
Tran David 10 C/2LT 4th BDE S-2
Gong Kyle 11 C/CPT 4th BDE S-3
Luong Emmelyn 12 C/SSG 4th BDE S-4
Hall Phillip 10 C/SSG 4th BDE S-5
Cortes Andres 12 C/SSG 4th BDE S-5


For more information about the CACC, please read the following photo or click on the link to the CACC Website.
Scroll Down in the photo.