Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy

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Battalion Headquarters

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Oakland Military Institute’s Cadet Headquarters Element

A numbered unit of the California Cadet Corp (CACC), California Military Department Youth Programs Task Force, OMI has a cadet leadership structure comprised of the 17th Regimental Command with subordinate units of the 49th and 50th Battalions and five Company elements. The Regimental Staff lead more than 680 cadets daily from formations, maintenance of cadet discipline, adherence to cadet and military customs and courtesies, and CACC as well as school activities. CACC activities are truly cadet led with a military command staff assigned to mentor, guide, and facilitate the opportunity to develop OMI’s Pillars as part of the Leaders of Character program.


Regimental Commander’s Mission Statement

My goal for cadet body this 2016-17 SY are: 1) Develop pride in duty and clear objectives and roles at all levels, 2) Create an atmosphere of teamwork built on trust in both authority and commitment to one another as a team, and 3) Leave a legacy of camaraderie, safety, and ownership of our school, our community, and our successes.

Regimental Command Element

Commanding: C/CPT Frankie Magana

Executive Officer: C/CPT Gerald Liddle

Command Sergeants Major: C/SGM Jose Paz

Guidon: C/SGT Joan Chen


S1 (Admin)

S2 (Security/Safety)

S3 (Training)

S4 (Logistics)


(Public Affairs)

S6 (Communications)


Vicky Kong


David Tran


Kyle Gong


Emmelyn Loung


Phillip Hall


Andres Cortes


Verania Amaton


Karla Delgado-Serpas 


Andrew Ma


Alvin Tang

C/CPL David Gomez


Ralston Tuason 


 Military Command Structure and Support


LTC Kenneth M. Koop, CA Army National Guard


Dean of Military Affairs

1SG Henry Ruiz , CA State Military Reserve


NCOIC of Operations

SFC Rodrigo Leanos, CA Army National Guard


Operations NCO

SGT Alex Au, CA Army National Guard


NCOIC, Logistics

SSG Sammy Enriquez, CA Army National Guard


Administrative Sergeant

SGT Alex Claude, CA Army National Guard